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Welcome to Beercan Records. We here at Beercan Records are determined to bring you the fine rock and roll that you so richly deserve. From our vantage point, it looks like we all need it. Most of the music out there right now is crap. We all know this. This is not knee surgery, people. To the bands and labels out there that do crank out the stuff that gets your fist pumping: keep it up. Thank you. We need you. Keep playing the shows, keep helping each other out, keep ending up on mixtapes for our barbecues. You are our inspiration. To all things pretentious and/or bottled, you are our motivation.

Beercan Records is here people and we know what punk is. It is a form of Chinese incense that smolders when ignited and is most commonly used to light fireworks. It's time to blow up your fingers and F up your hearing.

Pat K. - Beercan Records

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John O'H - Beercan Records

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