The Foreign Family Fun Pig orders you to read the Beercan Lowdown...

Out now on BCR:
The Phenoms "Home Brain Surgery Kit"
It Burns/the Phenoms "I-57 Split"

The Peelers "Let's Detonate"

Coming Soon on BCR:

Mushuganas "Lows in the Mid-90's" Discography

8/10/07 - PEELERS "LET'S DETONATE" now available on ITunes in US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Japan.

PHENOMS "HOME BRAIN SURGERY KIT" now available on ITunes in US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Japan.

If'n you subscribe to the whole ITunes thing, just type either one of the above in the search engine, and buy away.  You shan't regret.

High level talks about the whole Mushuganas thing scheduled for tomorrow evening...Stay tuned.

And possible additional Peelers releases in the works...who can say really?

3/3/07 - Yeah, we're lazy.  Fuck you.  Here's another surprise, Guitar Wolf wasn't that great of a band.  Anyway, THE MUSHUGANAS discography is still happening.  Get off our backs.  We may even have plans for another release in the works.  This magic costs money you know.

In cheerier news, there's a bunch of new reviews on the submissions page and there's a bunch more to come.

In the cheeriest of news, the Peelers are gearing up to hit the road again in April (short jaunt) and July (long jaunt) and if you missed them a few months back, don't make the same mistake again.

Finally, all Beercan tunes will be available on iTunes by the end of March.  Get off our backs.


4/5/07 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI

4/6/07 - Friends & Co. - Charleston, IL

4/7/07 - Lost Cross House - Carbondale, IL w/ the Hell, the Accelerators

7/3/07 - Turf Club - Minneapolis, MN

7/5/07 - The Loft - Missoula, MT w/ Looker, the International Playboys

7/6/07 - Chiribin's - Bellingham, WA

7/7/07 - The Funhouse - Seattle, WA

7/8/07 - Sunset Tavern - Seattle, WA - Daytime ALL-AGES show

7/8/07 - Dante's - Portland, OR

7/10/07 - Annie's Social Club - San Francisco, CA

7/12/07 - Alex's Bar - Long Beach, CA 

7/13/07 - The Scene Bar - Glendale, CA w/ thee LA Gentlemen Callers

7/14/07 - Tower Bar - San Diego, CA

7/15/07 - Club Casa Blanca - Phoenix, AZ

7/16/07 - Jigger's - San Antonio, TX

7/17/07 - Beerland - Austin, TX

7/18/07 - Kirby's Beer Store - Wichita, KS

7/20/07 - Record Bar - Kansas City, MO w/ the Last of the V8's

7/21/07 - Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN w/ the Last of the V8's

7/22/07 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL w/ the Last of the V8's

9/22/06 - THE PHENOMS have played their last show for the time being.  However, THE MUSHUGANAS will be playing a show on 10/15 at the Darkroom in Chicago at 2210 W. Chicago Ave.  Joining them on the bill will be Winepress who are quite the melodic-and-defunct-punk-rock geniuses in their own right.

Secondly, we'll be posting a slew of new CD submission reviews very shortly so keep sending that stuff in.  Quite frankly, we like free CD's very much.

Also, the Mushuganas discography is being feverishly worked on as we speak.  It is still happening.

And finally, there is possibly a split label 7" on the horizon between Beercan and some other label.  How's that for an update?

5/31/06 - The Peelers second hunk o' destructo, Let's Detonate!, is pressed, baby!  Do some of that preordering by Paypal'ing $10 to beercanrecords@gmail with "Let's Detonate!" in the subject line and we shall ship to you on 6/14/06.  Or just send us some well-concealed cash to either address on the front page and we shall ship to you on 6/14/06...and that's a promise, sibs.

Check below for Westward tour dates too.

4/7/06 - Peelers Tour Dates Announced.  The album, Let's Detonate!, coming soon...very soon.

  6/15 - Big V's - St. Paul, MN

  6/16 - The Aquarium - Fargo, ND

  6/17 - The Raven - Missoula, MT

  6/19 - The Funhouse - Seattle, WA

  6/20 - Sabala's at Mt. Tabor- Portland, OR

  6/22 - Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA

  6/24 - The Scene Bar - Glendale, CA

  6/25 - The Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas, NV

  6/27 - Club Dada - Dallas, TX

  6/28 - The Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK

  6/29 - Kirby's Beer Store - Wichita, KS

  7/1   - The Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN

  7/3   - Delilah's - Chicago, IL (after-the-fact CD release party w/ the Phenoms)

2/21/06 - We are very pleased to announce that we will be releasing the Peelers second full-length album here at Beercan Records in May.  Go to the Submissions section to read our take on the album before we even knew that we were going to be putting it out.  The Peelers will be hitting the road for a 3-week tour immediately after the release of the album

11/17/05 - The latest skinny is that with releases #1 and #2 now under our belts, we are hard at work on a career retrospective of Chicago greats, The Mushuganas. You know who we're talking about and if you don' should.
These guys put in 10 years of fun, mayhem and unbelievable tunes and we're going to bundle it all up and bring it to YOU. Pop-punk? Punk rock? Rock and roll? Who gives a shit. It's the Mushuganas baby. Also, check the "Submissions" section for some exciting and mildly earth-shattering news!